Priyanka’s Dad is an Idiot: Taslima Nasreen

    News ( Contentious Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has openly ridicule actress Priyanka Chopra’s father and has call him an ‘idiot’.

    Taslima reacted powerfully to Dr. Ashok Chopra’s comment on his offspring Priyanka when he claim that ‘Priyanka is like a son to me’.

    She writes, "Priyanka Chopra's father said, 'Priyanka is similar to a son to me'. What an uncivilized idiot man! Daughter hatred not yet gone. I am waiting for the day when fathers would sense proud of their sons and say 'my son is like a daughter to me'."

    She split ends by quoting feminist Gloria Steinem, "We've begin to raise daughters more like sons..but few have the courage to raise our sons additional like our daughters."

    Ahem Over to Priyanka!

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Priyanka’s Dad is an Idiot: Taslima Nasreen

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